Designed and priced
for small-medium agencies!

Only whitelabel tool designed and priced
for small-medium agencies!

Add reputation management + marketing to your Local SEO package for just $29/month.Help your clients rank on top of Local Search and get more leads from Google and their website.

The whitelabel platform is completely yours!

We host the platform on your domain.
You can choose your logo, theme, and your pricing.
All automated emails sent to your clients is from your email.

Your clients can customize their review request page

The review landing page is fully customizable.
They can show-off their logo to increase brand trust and value.
Your clients can also choose what text/message appears on the review request page.

Automated whitelabel reputation dashboard and reporting

Your clients can login and see their whitelabel reputation dashboard.
We also automatically send whitelabeled reports with your logo from your email ID.

We are priced for small-medium agencies

Tired of Birdeye/Yext charging you $300/month/client for a reputation managament tool?
Our prices start at just $29/month per client so you get a great margin when you resell.
We do the whitelabel platform setup for FREE!

Send review requests from your client's email account

Your clients can choose the email ID to send email review requests.
We also offer a dedicated phone number to each client to send SMS review requests.

Whitelabel admin dashboard and client login

Your get a partner dashboard so you can keep track of all your clients using the platform.
You also get privileged access to client accounts if you need to fix anything for them.Book Demo

Don't bug your clients for customer lists

We integrate with your client's CRM and with Google Sheets.Just upload the customer list once and forget it, the review campaigns will run on autopilot!

We are your 24/7 tech team

One of your customers facing a technical issue with the platform?We're available 24/7 on email and chat, we'll fix anything asap!

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